A lot of car owners are not considering buying seat covers. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the majority do not know about the numerous advantages of SALOON custom covers.  Seat covers are associated with universal ones, which are ugly and spoiling the look of car interior.

Seat covers in the new car.

Especially the owners of new cars rarely think about purchasing car covers, but everyone wants a leather interior. You can’t just buy a car with basic package but with leather seats, because dealers offer it only for more expensive packages, which includes a leather interior. Usually, such option costs 20% of car cost. In most cases, customers refuse this option and get a new car with a regular cloth interior. After a month, the car owner may notice how the original upholstery begins to get dirty, the top layer of the seat begins to move away from the seat’s base. If you look closely at such seats, you can easily understand, that cars are sold with factory seat covers, which are not as good as they should.

What are custom seat covers?

With the help of car seat covers you will solve many problems. Purchased seat covers begin to pay off from the first day of usage. In a couple of months, you will already reimburse your dry cleaning costs. You will stop worrying when your pet jumps into the cabin after a walk or the baby spills or stains something.

Custom covers perfectly fit and repeat shape of the seat. Dimensions are taken from the original seats taking into account their shape and equipment.

SALOON seat covers will mask defects, scuffs and stains on the seats of used cars and will make your trips more comfortable. Furthermore, you will save the upholstery from more damage.

When you will be selling the car, it will cost definitely cost more.  Under the covers original upholstery stays fresh, and mileage is not visible. Moreover, you can easily sell the car even with covers. Our product, when it’s properly installed on the seats looks like freshly reupholstered interior.

Advantages of car seat covers:

-perforation ensures comfortable driving without sweating

-very soft to the touch


-very easy to maintain

-protect interior from any damage

-stay soft in winter

-reasonable prices

-fit’s perfectly

Nowadays we use car not only as a transport, but also as a place where we spend a part of your life. It is always pleasant to drive in a clean cabin and devote minimum efforts to cleaning it and money for it’s maintenance. By doing frequent dry cleaning, you will only aggravate the condition of the interior and the effect of it will be visible only for the first month.  The only correct decision would be to purchase customs seat covers made of wear-resistant eco-leather.