Car Seat Cover Manufacturing

In the production  process of custom seat covers we use only highest grade raw materials and perfect accuracy patters.  These 2 factors are determining the quality of our product.

All the material which are used in a production are made specially to be used in car interiors, thus they are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Each batch of the material undergoes quality control to prevent occurrence of defective products.

Our covers fit perfectly and conform to the shape of the car seats. We have achieved this by taking patterns manually from more than 600 car models – this process is the most labor-intensive in sewing car covers. Now all the patterns are digitized and cut on a laser plotter, which eliminates the possibility of errors and inconsistencies.


custom design seat covers with embroidery

All the seat covers are made taking into account all the customer preferences. There are 2 basic stitching  designs in our product range. You can chose stitching of the middle part, it can be either in shape of diamonds either in shape of lines.

It is possible to order seat covers according to your personalized design, in this case you can chose any material color combination and furthermore you can chose thread color !

Exquisite embroidery of the highest quality will add flavor to your interior and personalize it. Embroidery design can be chosen from the catalog or you can provide your own version.


cutom fit seat seat covers

Our seat covers are made of eco-leather. Eco-leather is a high-tech material, which has made possible to enjoy benefits of leather seats without killing animals, adverse effects on the environment and using toxic raw materials, like PVC. Modern technologies made possible to replace leather without using PVC in composition of material like it was years ago. Furthermore, at glance, it is difficult to see the difference between genuine and eco-leather and, in some characteristics, eco- leather surpasses the genuine one. It is no longer a secret that major automotive companies had stopped using genuine leather in interiors of their cars.

But what the eco-leather is and how is it made? Polyurethane layer with microscopic pores is applied on a cotton base. Microscopic pores make material breathable so you wont be sweating while driving. These pores are so small that water is not soaking in so easily and the, furthermore, it is very easy to clean such material.

Eco-leather has several benefits:

  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Eco-friendly
  • UV and heat resistant
  • Remains soft even at sub-zero temperature
  • Easy to maintain, no special chemicals needed
seatcover material scheme
top quality material custom seat covers