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The Car Organiser is a modern and affordable solution to keep your trunk neat and tidy. Being car owners ourselves, we understand that clutter in the trunk is a never-ending problem, therefore our high-quality and spacious box will keep your cloths, tools, car keeping chemicals, children stuff and camping items in one place. When things are neatly laid down and not scattered in the trunk there is more useful space.

The Car Organiser is compact and easy to assemble and disassemble. It is made of high-quality eco- leather on the outside and has satin lining on the inside, which is held together by durable threads and velcros. Assembled case firmly holds its shape, doesn’t crumple and is firmly fixed to the lint of floor covering by two Velcro strips. The Car Organiser comes with a divider that divides the box into 2 compartments and can be easily installed on a Velcro.

The Car Organiser helps you to use your trunk space to its maximum potential without breaking your budget.

Easy 2 minute assembly.

Order at home, order at work, order in mind, order in a trunk… We can help you with the last!

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Quality: handmade

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6 different colours

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Looks expensive and the price is affordable to all

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Two sizes (M 50/30/30, L 65/30/30)

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