SALOON seat covers are custom made, repeating the shape and all the parameters of the seat. Thus, installation process differs from installation of standard ones.  Set contains separate cover for each part of the seat and covers it fully. As fastenings we use velcros, hooks and ropes.

You do not need to have special skills to install custom SALOON seat covers, however some efforts must be applied. You will manage to fit them with basic set of tools and there is not need for special equipment.

Installation takes about 4-5 hours, be sure that it is worth it. The more time you spend the better is a result.

  1. At first, remove battery terminals to avoid any possible computer faults
  2. Remove all car seats and unplug connectors
  3.  We also recommend removing all plastic parts in order to get the perfect look
  4.  Squeeze all the interior parts manually during installation not damage covers during the installation
  5. If necessary, screw off the rear seat belt  from carcass and route it to the appropriate hole
  6. Mount the covers, fasten them tight and pull out all the plastic parts on to of the cover using screwdriver

Note, seat covers are a bit smaller than original seat to ensure perfect tight look.

If you are not sure of your skills it’s better to address to garage, however if it’s necessary we always give personalized instructions in order to obtain perfect fitting.


If you are professional installer or willing to be one of them, we advise you sew the seat cover to original upholstery. Professional installation will ensure perfect look, especially if sitting part has curved shape, you will get rid from unwilling air between seat and seat cover. It’s made with durable string and curved needle. The seam of the seat cover is sued to the original upholstery with several stitches.