Seat covers are a whim or a necessity? With no doubts a necessity. They will save your wallet from unnecessary costs for dry cleaning,  seats from dirt and will upgrade your car interior. Correctly chosen and installed seat covers will solve problems as: wear and tear, stains and  bad-quality upholstery.

1. Which covers to choose?

The consumer has a choice: universal or custom made. Custom made, completely repeat the shape of the seats, thus they fit perfectly. Nevertheless, you will have to pay more for custom covers than for universal ones, but they will last longer and fit tight on the seats.
Universal covers are not made for a specific car model, do not have specific fasteners that allow them to be fixed properly. Above it all, universal ones look as sandbags, crumple and even interfere the driver.

2. Material

The choice of material determines the performance characteristics of the seat covers. Usually they are made of fabric or eco-leather. Cheaper items are made from regular fabric. The fabric picks up dust, fits poorly and slips during exploitation and does not properly protect the interior.

In turn, eco-leather has many advantages. Eco-leather is durable and easy to maintain material that performs well at low and high temperatures. It does not accumulate dust in itself and it is easy to remove any dirt from it. The material we use keeps well it’s shape, as it has a foam backing that ensures perfect fit.  Goods made from high quality materials are to wear and tear and to mechanical damage.

3. Color and design

Qualitative seat covers is one time purchase, so you need to take it seriously.

We advise to match the color of the product to the color of the plastic, ceiling and panels, and not to the color of the car. Wrong chosen color can spoil the complete look of interior. Just imagine how awkward brown seats look in grey interior.

By the way, our team has enormous experience, we’ve done more than 1300 interiors in various colors, and trust us – we know what we do.

4. Functionality

High-quality covers fully retain the functionality of all vehicle options. None of the interior equipment should not hidden or disabled- armrests, headrests, tables, folding rear backrests must maintain their functionality.

Nothing is more important than safety on roads, therefore a special seam should allow airbags to deploy. Our products passed airbag deployment tests on each model in a product range and in all of them airbag was working properly.