What you need to know about dry cleaning

You have done dry-cleaning of your can interior? Your expectations didn’t come true? Why?- let’s figure it out.

Car interior dry cleaning is a complex process of getting rid off micro-particles, dust and dirt from the upholstery using special chemicals, water and steam. Let’s find out what trouble the car owner can face after it:

HEAT. In the cleaning process very high temperature (95-97 degrees) is used, some interior parts, for example, ceilings and doors, can come off from exposure and spoil the look. The high temperature deforms the seat base, the foam rubber irrevocably loses its elasticity, which significantly shortens it’s life. Subsequently, the driver pushes it even more with his weight and the interior takes on other forms and becomes like a sponge.

DOES NOT REMOVE STAINS. Steam is powerless against very deep stains for example ink or paint. If you overdo it on the stain, you can get the opposite effect – the faded upholstery lighter than the stain.

Even spilled water leaves stains and lines after dry cleaning. Dirt does not located only on the surface of the cloth, but also inside the seat. Dry cleaning will remove dirt only from the surface, but the dirt inside the seat, will remain inside waiting till something is spilled on the seat and it will become possible to come out on surface.

WET SEATS. Car dry cleaners use a large volume of water. Cheap and unscrupulous cleaners do not dry the seats with special seat dryers, since the equipment is quite expensive. The car is handed over with wet seats, what frequently leads to the appearance of fungus and an unpleasant odor in the interior.

Mechanical brushing destroys the fibers of the fabric. The upholstery loses it’s structure irrevocably.

Car interior must be maintained constantly, the longer the interior has not been cleaned, the harder stains are removed. Furthermore it leads to appearance of unpleasant odor, the texture of the fabric changes, the color differs from the original.

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