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SALOON – Is a company, which manufactures, sells and installs the custom covers for car seats of different car brands. In this section of its online-shop you can buy premium car seat covers for Toyota. All products differ with a high-quality as eco-leather is used for tailoring the covers and as well as the ultra-precise patterns of the original factory seats. Due to this, they have strength, wear-resistance and fully repeat the form of the original seats of the certain models of Toyota.

The model range consists out of 15 exemplars(pieces) in the assortment of selection of a colour spectrum and designer decor. Custom seat covers from eco leather will perfectly suit the seats of a relevant model of the car. During the production we considered the shape, the size and the equipment of the seats and also the specific features of interior. The presence of the armrests, heating, air-bags, folding table, reclining backrest and technical openings – all of that is considered. The SALOON’s product installed onto the appropriate matching car model will look like its «own» in the car’s interior, as if it initially was a part of the interior.

Quality guaranteed

Quality guaranteed

2 year warranty

Affordable prices

Affordable price

Best price on the market

High Grade Materials

High Grade Materials

1.2mm thick eco-leather made specially for car interiors

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

Just wipe them with wet cloth or napkins

Custom made

Custom made

Individual design

100% positive feedbacks

100% positive feedback

More than 1000 happy clients

Original custom car seat covers Toyota

Custom car seat covers Toyota are capable of upgrading the car’s interior return its former gloss and beauty or even change the design beyond recognition. They will hide any flaws of an old worn out upholstery in one moment making the interior presentable and beautiful. Besides from the aesthetic function they can provide the protection from damages and dirt to the original factory upholstery. This is exactly why, they are often installed on the new upholstery to prevent its wear out and after, if necessary sell the car at a more expensive price.

Premium SALOON Car seat covers can be installed and removed  due to presence of the fastening in the form of hooks on the elastic cords(bungee hooks) and velcros. This constructive solution increases the functionality of the products. It’s easy to take care of them most of the dirt can be cleaned with a wet wipe, so there’s no need in dry-cleaning services  which will save the owner a considerable amount of money. The installation of premium SALOON’s products is a very practical and economically wise decision, as the alternative, full replacement of the upholstery doesn’t cost cheap.

Inexpensive protective car seat covers for Toyota car brand

As practice shows, the wear out of the upholstery -is only a matter of time. If we consider the statistics that tells us that an average driver spends about 1000 hours per year driving then the time of wear out will come very fast. Even if the car is not used very actively, there are cases when the covers can literally save it. For example, if the car is mostly used for the out of town trips but in a very extreme conditions, for example fishing, hunting of tourism. The risks of the contamination and mechanical damage increases with the transportation of kids,pets and luggage in the interior.