1. At first battery terminals must be removed – to avoid any computer faults
  2. Remove all car seats and unplug connectors
  3.  We also recommend to remove all plastic parts in order to get the perfect look
  4.  To avoid damaging the covers, all parts must be squeezed manually during installation
  5. If necessary, the rear seat belt should be screwed off from the top and must be routed to the appropriate hole

Note, seat covers are a bit smaller than original seat to ensure perfect tight look.

→ If you are not sure of your skills it’s better to address to garage 

If you are professional installer or willing to be one of them, we advise you sew the seat cover to original upholstery. Professional installation will ensure perfect look, especially if sitting part has curved shape, you will get rid from unwilling air between seat and seat cover. It’s made with durable string and curved needle. The seam of the seat cover is sued to the original upholstery with several stitches. Check the video below.