Nissan seat covers

NISSAN custom seat covers

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High Grade Materials
1.2mm thick eco-leather made specially for car interiors
Quality guaranteed
2 year warranty
custom made
individual design
affordable price
best price on the market
Easy to maintain
just wipe them with wet cloth or napkins
100% positive feedback
more than 1000 happy clients

Online-shop for SALOON offers a huge selection of custom car seat covers to the car enthusiasts. We manufacture, sell and install the covers on the seats of the Nissan cars of more than 10 popular models. These are high-quality products from eco-leather – high- tech and modern material with strength and wear-resistance. They will reliably protect the upholstery from damages or hide any flaws of the old seats, renewing the car interior. Thanks to them, the interior of your car will look as if it’s new, adding an adorable to the vehicle. 

The products of the company SALOON can be removed and installed on your own they are equipped with the fastening in the form of hooks on the elastic cord and velcros. Such a design allows to ease the installation process. As for cleaning, it is easy to take care of them by using an ordinary wet wipe, this will save money on professional dry-cleaning services. Overall, custom car seat covers out of high-quality eco-leather are prefect alternative to the re-upholstery. Replacing the re-upholstery is a long and expensive process, besides from that, it’s not very practical and reliable.

 Inexpensive custom seat covers for the car brand Nissan 

Premium car seat covers are used by those car owners, who take care of them. They are made to upgrade the interior, improving the appearance of the old upholstery, the improvement of the appearance of an old upholstery and hiding the consequences of its wear out, and also dirt or mechanical damages. Some car lovers install them on the seats in advance to preserve the original upholstery, this decision will help to sell the car at a more expensive price in future. Sometimes, drivers want to change the old, boring interior or create their own style, this is quicker, cheaper and more practical to do it with the help of the installation of custom seat covers. Decision to buy custom seat covers is quite wise. They will ideally match your car, as they are created according to the patterns of the original factory seats. The products are accurate to the millimeters as they repeat their form and size, apart from that, all specifications of the interior of a certain car were taken into account. Our products will look and fit like a «glove» on the seats of your car.

Protective car seat covers for Nissan 

Considering the statistical data, the wear out– is only a matter of time, as even the ordinary, average drivers spends approximately 1000 hours a year driving his car. But even when the car is not used that often there are still moments, when the seats need protection from dirt and damages. Or for example, if the car is used for the trips to the countryside, tourism, active leisure, going fishing or hunting. In this case the conditions of its exploitation carry risks of damage or contamination of the upholstery, especially, if the interior is used for locating a baggage, transportation of pets or when the kids are taken on the trip.