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SALOON – is an online-shop that deals with sale of premium seat covers for cars and their installation. This section of the website contains an enormous collection of products for FIAT cars products for more than 10 models of this brand. Our custom covers are perfectly suitable for the interior of the models of Fiat. They are created according to the patterns of the original seats and consider all technical details. They are easily installed and the ease in care allows you to save on the professional dry-cleaning services. They are attached by the hooks on the elastic cord; velcros are also used as a form of fastening. Special attention should be paid to the high quality of material and tailoring which guarantees wear-resistance and strength of products.

Quality guaranteed

Quality guaranteed

2 year warranty

Affordable prices

Affordable price

Best price on the market

High Grade Materials

High Grade Materials

1.2mm thick eco-leather made specially for car interiors

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

Just wipe them with wet cloth or napkins

Custom made

Custom made

Individual design

100% positive feedbacks

100% positive feedback

More than 1000 happy clients

Custom car seat covers for car brand FIAT

Eco-leather luxury covers are a great option for upgrading the old interior. Each model of this product is perfectly suitable for the seats of a particular model of a FIAT car. They were created according to the patterns of the original factory seats taking into account all nuances of the interior. If their equipment includes in  various technical openings or additional functions such as heating, air-bags, folding table and backrest that the product will match them fully.

Custom car seat covers SALOON repeat the shape and sizes of the original seats.

This way being installed in a right way they will look and fit them like «glove» as if they were branded FIAT products. The assortment doesn’t only include the wide model option range but also a large spectrum of colours and different design solutions. This way you could select the options which would ideally match the style and design of the interior.

Buying the luxury car seat covers– is a great possibility of changing the appearance of your interior beyond recognition which also saves money on the re-upholstery the car. Sooner or later a need arises in every car enthusiast mind as the average driver spends about 1000 hours per year driving this means that the wearing out of the interior is only a matter of time.

The custom covers perfectly hide the flaws of a worn out, damaged and stained seats so  upgrading the car interior and  making it more stylish, modern and presentable. Many drivers don’t wait for the upholstery to become unsuitable and so they  install the seat covers on a newly bought car in order to sell it at a more expensive price when the interior is in perfect condition in the future. Even if you don’t use a car every day but love to go out of town for leisure, fishing, hunting or going to the forest to pick berries or mushrooms, premium SALOON seat covers will come in handy.They are especially actual if the interior of a car is used for placing a baggage or if pets or kids take part in the trip.